Virtual Paintout @ Isle of Man

It has been a long, long time since I engage in one of the Virtual Paintouts. After joining the Urban Sketchers I have exclusively sketched on location, but tonight i was bored and wanted to practice with the bamboo pen.

This month the group is sketching via Google Street View at Isle of Man. I only had heard before of the place because it is home to my former side job, Pokerstars… Here’s my sketch for tonight, done with a bamboo pen, a kabob skewer and Higgins ink on 11×14 smooth Bristol board.


4 thoughts on “Virtual Paintout @ Isle of Man

  1. Fantastic. I love the darks in the water. It shows the shine on the water in other areas. Liz steel was in Singapore with the USK ppl there, and she brought us all bamboo pens back with her.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I’m really excited about the bamboo pen (and even the kabob skewer!). My wife jokes that after spending hundreds of dollars on brushes, pens and markers now I prefer a stick…

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