Mixed Media on Super Bowl Sunday

I did a few sketches yesterday with different media, charcoal pencil, graphite pencil, markers, pen brush and a felt tip point pen. Some of them were done while watching the Super Bowl with a group of excellent friends. I like that switching media keeps me exploring and even feels like I’m playing.






4 thoughts on “Mixed Media on Super Bowl Sunday

    1. Thanks. That one was actually done with a 4B pencil. I’m very surprised as how it came out, since drawing people is not my forte. I wanted to capture the movement, the energy of the pushing of the players with a fast sketch that kept getting more detailed than I had envisioned. But in the end I really liked it a lot. Thank you very much.

  1. A great selection of sketches. The football one is truly amazing. I also very much like the bright one with the markers. I tried my ink brush today – it is grey ink, not black. Will probably post tomorrow. I am also trying new materials this year. Have pulled out a little Fabriano sketchbook (little!) with coloured papers.

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