Simply for fun

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks… Lately I’ve been very busy with work, although I’ve been sketching a little… I’ve been doing very fast scribbles mostly at lunchtime. There is a lot of informality in my latest sketches, as I’ve been using a cheap sketchbook and an even cheaper set of markers. Actually, it is a 10-pc set of mini markers which cost me $0.85, less than 9 cents a marker! They are very difficult to hold, but whatever, using these has taken the seriousness out of the equation. Right now I’m really playing.

Here are some of my “creations” (LOL). I actually sketched the first one with my off hand:





Busted Ice Cream Quest Turned Into Sketching Trip

Today we traveled to Lares, PR, to get some of the weirdest ice cream ever… corn, rice, avocado, codfish, among other flavors are the specialty there. However, after almost a two hour trip, the ice cream shop was closed.

So, I decided to make some sketches. I sketched at Lares, at Arecibo and at Manatí. Well, no ice cream, but at least I had fun.