Sketching @Abracadabra, Santurce

Last Friday I went with my wife to this cozy café named “Abracadabra”.  It’s at 1661 Ponce de León Ave. in Santurce, an area which after years of neglect is experiencing hints of revival.  We called and they told us they had jazz night and “artisanal” beer happy hour… vague enough term to intrigue us to go and try those beers.  The place was really nice and comfortable with friendly servers so we were good.  The music started soon after we got there and they were pretty good, and even though jazz usually isn’t my favorite music, they were very good and played at an adequate volume.  They did some curious arrangements of popular music that get two thumbs up.

Well, I had never tasted any of the two “artisanal” beers they had, so I tried them both.  I googled one of them, Blue Moon beer and it’s apparently brewed by Coors Brewing Company…  However, it is an unfiltered beer with cloudy appearance, spiced with coriander and orange peel, so it is an unusual enough beer to feel special.  I liked it; a bit sweet to my taste, but I could have a couple some other day.  We also ordered something to eat I can’t remember now, but it was good too.

Although the place was a little brighter than perfect, and after a couple of hours the servers were MIA, it was a nice experience and I will go back as soon as I have the chance.

I had one of our handout sketch pads and did some sketches, here are some of them:

10 thoughts on “Sketching @Abracadabra, Santurce

  1. these are great – look at the sculpter Giacometti’s BALL POINT PEN sketches – he makes this lowly instrument a Strataverius!
    I have to get back to PR to draw w you and Ron del Barrilito rum

  2. 🙂 Hi Luis – this is Rajesh S. These are great people sketches. You said you were afraid to sketch people – but these are wonderful!


    1. Hi Rajesh, thanks for stopping by, as well as for your kind words. But for the record, I didn’t say I was scared… just uneasy.😉 Need to learn some stuff and some good practice.

    1. Thanks, my favorites are the bass player and the drummer. Well actually the drummer isn’t that nice, but I really like the energy of his drum set… you can almost see the cymbals moving.

  3. Saludos. Me llamo Samuel Morales. Muy agradecido por su visita y su repuesta artística al evento y todo lo que sucedió en Abracadabra esa noche.. El grupo que estaba esa noche en Abracadabra Counter Café se llama SM Cuarteto. Regularmente Abracadabra nos brinda el espacio para presentar proyectos de Jazz todos los viernes. Preferiblemente de música original y/o arreglos de temas conocidos. Ya el evento tiene 6 semanas y camina viento en popa. Los nombres de los músicos son” Norberto Ortiz (sax), Sammy Morales (bajo), Gerson Orjuela, (batería) y Gabriel Vicens (guitarra).

  4. Puerto Rico Jazz and Blues Society: Nice review and beautiful sketches. We are very proud of Samuel’s efforts to organizing the Jazz Project. He’s doing a great job alone with his friends in crime. This Sunday he is playing with Jazzposteao en Guaynabo in front of the “alcaldía” a las 2:30pm
    And afterwards his other group SM Quinteto will be playing at SOFO Old San Juan Culinary Fest a las 5:00 pm. Thanks, we’ll be following your blog.

    1. Thanks a lot for your words Jazz Blues. What is the 5th member of SM Quinteto?

      Also, you’re also welcome to join us with friends/family on our project “”. It’s like jamming but with doodles. Hope you can drop by sometime.

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