Garabateando #4 @Piñones: Results

This past Saturday our sketching group “” went to Piñones, right in between Carolina and Loíza.  We met at a restaurant called The Reef; a dear friend of ours is on vacations here and had invited  a bunch of our friends to gather there, so we used it as our sketch location so we wouldn’t miss any of the activities.  The Reef is at a seaside spot with nice views; we spent a very entertaining afternoon with some great friends.  Here are some of my sketches:

The Reef: Piñones
Carolina's "skyline"...
The whole gang

2 thoughts on “Garabateando #4 @Piñones: Results

    1. I bet you can Wendy, you are very talented as well as experienced. In that sketch in particular I first painted the watercolor washes and then I added the ink only where the dark shadows were, instead of drawing and then coloring. Reversing the process makes me more aware of the shades and shadows instead of focusing on the shapes.

      All five of those sketches were done with a totally different technique. In the fourth one I used beer instead of water and the fingers instead of a brush! It’s all about enjoying the process without worrying for the result.

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