Could the iPad be the newest sketching tool?


I’m in love with the iPad2… I just downloaded an app called ASKetch after reading a review of it. This was my first sketch with it; the app is extremely simple and it just simply works. It feels like if you were using graphite. You control the darkness by pinching: a small circle draws very dark and vice versa. It isn’t pretentious, only a handful of tools, but it gave me a very good first impression. And for $0.99, it is a bargain. Maybe the iPad won’t replace my sketchbook, but it seems promising.

3 thoughts on “Could the iPad be the newest sketching tool?

  1. There is something just wonderful about this sketch. Can’t quite think of the word for it. I don’t think I even know anyone with an ipad at the moment. They must be around though, because I see queues in the Apple shop.

  2. The most I like about this sketch is that it was done carelessly. For some reason, I sometimes feel that paper has a perennial quality, that one feels like every sketch should look good. I’ve been losing that “respect” to the paper lately and I enjoy sketching more.

    Although sketching on a glass screen feels weird (and almost ended with hand cramps), I knew that if the sketch came out terrible I just had to click a button to get rid of it. I’ll try to remember that feeling of carelessness when sketching with traditional media.

  3. Since you are interested in sketching on your iPad. I’d like to introduce a little drawing/writing tool that I have invented, XStylus Touch for iPad. I developed this as I found none of the stylus on the market is responsive as a pencil on a piece of paper. After several months of hard work, I think I have created the most responsive stylus that money can buy. Here is a comparison video of the Wacom Bamboo vs. 3M Smart pen and XStylus Touch.

    I am running a crowdfunding project for the XStylus Touch on IndieGoGo now, There are over 160 ppl joined the project at this moment. I will be happy if you can join the project. But even if you are not interested in buying one, please share it with your illustrator friends on facebook and twitter, so they know about XStylus Touch too. Thanks.

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