Virtual Paintout- Japan

Here I used my son’s Faber Castell Manga Shojo set and my Copic markers; I am really enjoying sketching this fast and loose.

*edit: LOL@ my Japanese calligraphy… I’m probably cursing there on that sign…

7 thoughts on “Virtual Paintout- Japan

    1. Thanks Renee! I’m getting looser with time. It’s been a challenge for me to stop thinking about having to draw perfectly but I’m very happy with this style. It kind of conveys the energy of the city, doesn’t it?

  1. absolutely stunning! I really do love the sense of movement your sketches have. How long do these take, Luis?

  2. Thank you very much Malissa. If I remember well, this one was done in about 15 minutes. The stippling in the background building slowed me down a bit; it is just 6″x9″, so few strokes cover up a lot and really fast. The other thing is that I sketched holding the felt-tip pen with an overhand grip, so the stroke is wider and bolder than usual.

    Since I started using that grip my sketches have changed a lot; I think it is because I’m holding the pen in a different way than how I write (and how I’ve been writing all my life). Somehow it has triggered the brain to switch to the right side and I don’t feel like I’m drawing… I’m doing something different.

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