Virtual Paintout- Japan

Here I used my son’s Faber Castell Manga Shojo set and my Copic markers; I am really enjoying sketching this fast and loose.

*edit: LOL@ my Japanese calligraphy… I’m probably cursing there on that sign…

7 responses to “Virtual Paintout- Japan

  • Michelle

    Beautiful work…so colorful and full of life!

  • Renee

    Nice! Love all those fast loose lines!

    • Luis E. Aparicio

      Thanks Renee! I’m getting looser with time. It’s been a challenge for me to stop thinking about having to draw perfectly but I’m very happy with this style. It kind of conveys the energy of the city, doesn’t it?

  • quirkyartist

    So vivid and energetic!

  • Malissa

    absolutely stunning! I really do love the sense of movement your sketches have. How long do these take, Luis?

  • Luis E. Aparicio

    Thank you very much Malissa. If I remember well, this one was done in about 15 minutes. The stippling in the background building slowed me down a bit; it is just 6″x9″, so few strokes cover up a lot and really fast. The other thing is that I sketched holding the felt-tip pen with an overhand grip, so the stroke is wider and bolder than usual.

    Since I started using that grip my sketches have changed a lot; I think it is because I’m holding the pen in a different way than how I write (and how I’ve been writing all my life). Somehow it has triggered the brain to switch to the right side and I don’t feel like I’m drawing… I’m doing something different.

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